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Print sampleClick to view larger image

Specifically designed for printing artificial polyamide casing, KPG's casing presses are capable of 360 degree printing — an absolute must for all round extrusion casing designs. Multi-colored printed artificial casing gives eye-catching appeal to packed sausages, meats, smoked cheese and fish. Printed casings grow brand recognition and promote sales to end consumers.

The KPG 250 Flexo Dual-Pass press has six flexo print units on a single, temperature-controlled, central impression drum. The press prints up to six colors with final cure on the first pass. The press then turns the web and prints on the reverse side using the same six print units. Maximum web width when utilizing dual pass is 125 mm (5") — half of the press printing width. This is a very cost effective option for printing both sides of the casing with 6 colors. Alternatively the full web width of 250 mm (10") can be printed on the face.

With a maximum mechanical printing speed of 150 m/min, KPG offers options for fully automatic flying splicer/turret rewind or semi-automatic unwind/rewind with festoons. Configured with a flying splicer and a turret rewinder, the KPG Casing press is specified for non-stop production, increasing productivity and minimizing waste.

KPG Casing Presses are available with a choice of single or twin central impression drums, a chiller system, AC servo web tension controls and ink-scraper systems. Other features include BST web guide systems, web advance/retard control, double-sided corona treater and twin camera inspection system.

A KPG Casing Press can have up to 16 print units on two central impression drums and can additionally be specified for label production. The KPG Casing Press has UV curing and uses a special formulation of cationic inks.

・Web Width・・・・・・・ 260mm[Model 250] 390mm[Model 400]
・Print Width・・・・・・・ 254mm[Model 250] 380mm[Model 400]
・Print Capability・・・・・・・・ Up to 16 Colors(8 Colors each on either side of web)
・Print Process・・・・・・ UV Flexo
・Mechanical Press Speed・・・・ 150m/min
・Print Repeat・・・・・・ 7.5"-18"(190.5mmー457.2mm)
・Plate thickness・・・・・・ 1.14mm
・Central Impression Drum・・・・・・・・ 1000mm or 1800mm Steel Drum
・Maximum Unwind Diameter・・・・・・・ 600mm、3 inch core(semi-auto type)
・Maximum Rewind Diameter・・・・・・・ 600mm、3 inch core(semi-auto type)