KPG Corporation:Coupon Press


KPG Specialty Coupon Press with "All-In-One-Pass" printing produces "On Pop" labels and Sales Promotional coupons that appeal to the diversified needs of today's end consumers. This press creates innovative packaging that gives new life to monotonous product just lined up on the market shelves.

KPG Specialty Coupon Press has two different widths, 390 mm and 260 mm, and operates at the speed of 120 m/min (360 ft/min) to produce various coupons and "On Pop" labels in continuous operation. Optional Automatic Flying Splice system and Automatic Turret Rewind System take this press line to the next level of "non-stop" operation.

The KPG Coupon Press has both a Central Drum section and a Stack Drum section. Front side printing, back side printing and adhesive side printing is possible on each drum. The press can accommodate a maximum of 12 printing letterpress and/or Flexo units — and is equipped with an equal number of UV curing lamp housings, folding unit, dry laminating unit, hot-melt adhesive coating unit and wet laminating unit, and shingle stacker to collect individual pieces of die cut product.

The in-line component and press configuration makes it possible to produce a maximum of 9 pages of booklet labels, piggy back labels, and neck hangers "All-In-One-Pass". The unique promotional tools and innovative packaging produced by the KPG Coupon Press will satisfy even your customer who is never satisfied with plain flat labels.

・Web Width・・・・・・・・・260mm[Model 250] 390mm[Model 400]
・Print Width・・・・・・・・・254mm[Model 250] 380mm[Model 400]
・Print Capability・・・・・・・・・・6-12 Color + Varnish
・Print Process・・・・・・・・UV Letterpress
・Mechanical Press Speed・・・・・・120m/min
・Print Repeat・・・・・・・・7.5"-18"(190.5mmー457.2mm)
・Plate Thickness・・・・・・・・0.95mm(Letterpress)
・Impression Drum・・・・・・1000mm Rubber C.I. Drum or 340mm/360mm Stack Drum
・Unwind/Rewind・・・・・・・ Standard
・Maximum Unwind Diameter・・・・・・・・・800mm、3 inch core
・Manimum Rewind Diameter・・・・・・・・・800mm、3 inch core