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Print sampleClick to view larger image

First the KPG 250. Now the KPG 250 and 400. After we set the standard, we keep raising it.

In 1977, for the first time in the world, KPG created the 250 rotary letterpress machine, which gave more quality and was superbly engineered.

It quickly became the top selling label press in the world and set the standard by which other presses in its class would be compared and judged. But no other machine could be a KPG 250. No other, that is, until KPG introduced the efficient 250 FB 10" Press, which gives complete non-stop production.

To the proven styling and engineering of the 250 machine, KPG have added even more standard features, including: automatic flying splice unwind, turret rewind and continuous waste rewind, and low temperature UV for heat-sensitive materials. These have set standards in the narrow-web press industry.

For production of specialty labels, various options such as Rotary Screen Unit, UV Flexo Unit, UV Cold Foil Unit, RFID Applicator, Corona Treater, Chill Roller, and others will be available.

・Web Width・・・・・・・・・260mm [Model 250] 390mm [Model 400]
・Print Width・・・・・・・・・254mm [Model 250] 380mm[Model 400]
・Print Capability・・・・・・・・・・6-12Color+Varnish
・Print Process・・・・・・・・UV Letterpress
・Mechanical Press Speed・・・・・・120m/min
・Print Repeat・・・・・・・・7.5"-18"(190.5mmー457.2mm)
・Plate thickness・・・・・・・・0.95mm
・Impression Drum・・・・1000mm Rubber C.I. Drum or 340mm/360mm Stuck Drum
・Unwind/Rewind・・・・・・・ Standard
・Maximum Unwind Diameter・・・・・・・・・800mm
・Maximum Rewind Diameter・・・・・・・・・800mm